Please note that the programs on this cd is rather outdated. For a more updated cd with similiar apps, have a look at OpenDisc.
Quality Open Source Software & Freeware for Windows!
The Open Source Free CD contains a compilation of high quality Open Source (and some Freeware) software for Windows.

Feel free to use the programs on multiple computers and make copies for your friends. This software is free!

Also included on the cd is a bootable Slax Linux LiveCD.
 4 PointZero NOW!


Here are some screenshots of the Open Source Free CD 4 PointZero. Click on the images for a larger version.


Here you can download the latest ISO the Open Source Free CD, instructions on how to burn the ISO to cd, as well as a cd cover to print out and stick onto your cd.

Latest ISO:  osfcd_4.0.iso (490 MB - MD5)

Docs:  instructions.txt

CD Covers: